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It’s the month earmarked for LOVE

Continuing our support for small business through some turbulent times, is our focus here at Realty Difference. February’s contest is no exception, although this one hits a little closer to my heart, as it’s in support of my sister’s small business LullabyQuiltco. You know, there’s usually that one person in your family that’s trying to […]

Being Thankful

In the spring I was challenged to enjoy where I was. With the beauty right around me and not alot of time, I was inspired to sell my little summer place and re-invest into my own slice of heaven right at home (thank you Wenda…I just needed a little nudge). So when the prospect came […]

Be The Difference (Fet pou fe yon Enpak: Born to make an Impact!)

“Irresistible” once blogged about the meaning of that word.  Rather, the new meaning of that word for me personally.  For what was once found “Irresistible” had changed. Three years later, the new meaning of that word for me has only deepened. When you go deeper into my world you’ll find that my heart is […]

Truly Irresistible

This isn’t necessarily the forum I would choose to speak of something personal, but when your personal experiences affect your business life then I’m all in with sharing. I just came back from a trip to Haiti with my family and a group from my church. We had the pleasure of serving with an organization […]

A good handshake…..

There are times in life where you meet particular people and think, “That’s a real quality person, and I’m so blessed to have met them.”  I know that this has nothing to do with staging and design but it is very note worthy as its the Realtor of the next staging project that I want […]

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