Beauty has its price

Part of the charm of where you choose to live are the beautiful trees that are on your property. The cascading, towering and colorful effects are beautiful not to mention the shade they provide, and the prospects for years to come.

My home property sits among many trees and over the years I have “attempted” to build those tree houses, have hung my children’s swing and have loved watching the change of seasons. They really are a creation of real beauty.

With that beauty comes the responsibility of their removal when they die and become destructive as well as dangerous. Unfortunately, I have lots of experience in that. What starts as a small investment and usually planted a generation or two before you, is now a sizeable cost to you. Definitely something that needs to be considered in your decisions and budgeted for in the years to come, as it is no small expense.

Over this past weekend I had several trees removed, all of which were dead. As a REALTOR®, it got me thinking to share my story as it is very pertinent in making choices in the property you choose to purchase. They may be lovely now but when you need to remove them it can be costly. In total to date, I have hired out 14 trees to be removed (15 if you count the one on my lawn that a beaver removed), all of which were dead and I have more to go in the near future.

Fortunately, I have had the BEST Arborist and have the utmost confidence in his skill level. He says I don’t have much of a life because I find it fascinating to watch, but really….who can drop a tree of the magnitude that he does and makes it go exactly where he wants it to?

Enjoy the little video showing the weekends activities here at my house….. and keep in mind to save part of your budget when they no longer provide the beauty they once held.

Oh yes, Andrew (Custom Tree Removal) is the best (yes he’s insured)…..He’s my Arborist, and with his permission to share, here’s his phone number 613.536.8701.



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