It’s the month earmarked for LOVE

Continuing our support for small business through some turbulent times, is our focus here at Realty Difference. February’s contest is no exception, although this one hits a little closer to my heart, as it’s in support of my sister’s small business LullabyQuiltco.

You know, there’s usually that one person in your family that’s trying to look out for everyone? They make sure that they hold Christmas dinner for the whole family and looks after everyone’s children? My sister just happens to be that kind of caretaker and in my eyes and I certainly appreciate her for it. I guess you could say she’s in the business of love whether it has been her role over the years in our family or the business she is in now.

In a nut shell, at LullabyQuiltco, she takes those precious memories that you may want to savor or share with someone else, and creates a bear or pillow for a lasting keepsake. Whether it was your mom’s housecoat, a fallen officers uniform, your children’s baby clothes, a firefighters badge, or Grandpa’s ties, there is a special memory to be shared and is held onto in the form of a bear or pillow for the generations to follow.

On Valentine’s Day which is right around the corner I will be drawing a name to have your own unique bear or pillow made with love by LullabyQuiltCo. In order to qualify for the contest:

“You always gain by giving love” – Reese Witherspoon

Thank you for remembering small businesses during these more difficult months, and don’t forget to spread a little extra love this month. We could all use it!

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