Being Thankful

In the spring I was challenged to enjoy where I was. With the beauty right around me and not alot of time, I was inspired to sell my little summer place and re-invest into my own slice of heaven right at home (thank you Wenda…I just needed a little nudge). So when the prospect came up of buying my neighbours hot tub my imagination and limited but creative architectural skills took over to design its new home.

That reinvestment into my home turned out to be more then I thought or imagined on many levels. Lack of wood (many with that issue this summer), a broken arm, a timetable way overdue, and a few other challenges we won’t even mention and it is finally complete.

The list is long of the contractors who contributed to this project. Thank you to Constance Peeters contracting, Tim Wales of Unity road contracting, Jordan electric, Vic’s glass, Klaver concrete, and the best neighbours ever, Jim and Margret….but most of all my son and daughter, Brooke and Brosnan, who worked along side of me ‘just one more weekend’ (that may have been said a few times) to get it completed. We are certainly enjoying the rewards of everyone’s labour.

2020 certainly brought its challenges for all of us, but even in these times, Be the Difference as there is always so much to be thankful for. Look around you, as I do here, and be thankful as you celebrate this Thanksgiving weekend.

Enjoy the quick journey through my pics.


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