We always think we have more of it then we actually do.

It’s no different when we consider getting our home ready to list.

I suggest to clients that they start a year ahead of their scheduled timing.  Some upgrades or areas to be tended to require a certain season and can’t always be completed 2 months prior to listing.  We also would like to save your time and money from projects that you will not bring you any financial gain.

Consulting with your REALTOR® a year ahead will also leave time for you to weigh out  “your mindset” versus “Their suggestions”.  As a REALTOR® we want to achieve the greatest financial outcome for you in the least amount of time.  We’re here to help you achieve both.

Enjoy the before and after pics of these previous clients of mine. Time….they also needed it to consider my suggestions and the months to implement them. Enjoy viewing the outcome.




Kitchen before 1
Kitchen before 2
Kitchen After
Kitchen after Neutral paint added and clutter removed to show more space
Living room before

New paint, change in curtains as well as addition of area rug and a few accessories

Dining room before
Bright, and updated!
Master Before
Master After
Bedroom before
Bedroom After
Bedroom Before
Bedroom After
Bedroom Before
Bedroom After. Is this really the same room?





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