A good handshake…..

There are times in life where you meet particular people and think, “That’s a real quality person, and I’m so blessed to have met them.”  I know that this has nothing to do with staging and design but it is very note worthy as its the Realtor of the next staging project that I want to tell you about.

We Realtors come with all sorts of character….yes, some definitely good and some not so good.  This particular Realtor I can say without hesitation is, honorable, hard-working, and FULL of good character.  She’s the kind of person that you can trust her handshake and her word as being binding and true. You can tell she was brought up to value integrity.  She also gives every project her all….without hesitation and without excuse.  In my estimation, that makes her a great person and the makings of an awesome Realtor. I’m also fortunate because she also calls me her business partner…..yes, she is Lynn Storey….first and foremost though, she a proud mother of three and loving wife to her husband…….and yes, the Realtor to ……an empty house.

Empty houses can be a challenge.  Most Buyer’s can’t imagine their furniture in a space where there is no reference point. For example, if they know their couch is about the same as the couch in the space they are looking at, then they feel assured that they can consider this house as a possibility( if it meets their other criteria, of course).  Just last night I was showing a house …although it was not empty, the size of the kitchen table was tiny….like a child’s table.  Although I tried to counteract her hesitant comments with, “of course, you can get a normal dinette in there”……she just couldn’t see it. Buyer’s are very good shoppers these days and it is prudent of a good Seller to present their homes well in order to compete with the competition.  Unless Buyer’s see it themselves, they will have a tough time being convinced otherwise.

See the difference  having a staged home will make……

IMG_4072 renda, living, after renda, living, after 2 renda, dining, before IMG_4088 Renda Rec Room Before IMG_4093

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