Explosion of Green!

So now that I’ve given you a taste of staging….I’m going to switch gears a little into the world of design.  Many people equate design with the need for a lot of money to accomplish it.  I want  to challenge you on that and ask you to think beyond the box. One of my favorite areas to decorate are porches….you can do almost anything in these little areas…I personally think the key is to keep it whimsical, creative and warm. My own porch at home is hardly ever the same two seasons in a row. On to the task….

This project was just plain fun…and a little out of my normal design zone.    This particular client LOVES bright colors.  As you walk around her home there are vibrant colors everywhere.  She wanted me to take a front porch space that was currently used as storage and give it some life…..and did I mention bright?…..just like the rest of the house. There was absolutely nothing to work with in the space when I started. So away I went shopping for material and my source of inspiration.  Oh yes, budget…..very important…..$500 for materials plus the ability to “shop through her house and garage”…..which I did (I love a challenge). The pieces of furniture you see as well as items on the walls etc were from her own home….right down to the light fixture which was on its way out.  The rest of the budget was taken up with material and paint. Well worth the money for a nice enhancement to the curb appeal.   The effort to finish a space such as this if you are considering selling is important to consider….. a great first impression when you walk through the front  door always”sticks”.

This house looks fantastic when the light is on at night and you drive by to see the green wall on the backdrop of a yellow house.

and….the result? The homeowner was thrilled…..

IMG_3618IMG_3621monicas porch 1


IMG_3287 IMG_3286 IMG_3288

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