Get ready….get set……STOP!

So this happened a few years ago, but it’s too good not to tell you about as I begin to blog…..

A few years ago, I was asked to list a girlfriends house to which I was of course delighted.  My friend liked things ‘simple’……white walls, simple, clean lines, were her style and presentation of choice.  Although nice for my friend,  this kind of look doesn’t always translate as warm and cozy for the general public in a viewing or in pictures on MLS.  So away I went….. submitted the listing as her Realtor and then put on my Irresistible Homes hat,  and  by the end of the afternoon I had transformed the house and it was ready for showings. But!!! (there’s always a but….)

Here was her response:

“I had such an epiphany-type moment when working with Karen early last spring. I hired her to stage my house for the sole purpose of selling it, when things took a drastic turn. I came home after she had worked her magic on my house and she made it look so beautiful – she made me see the potential that my house had – potential I never saw before. She made my house my home. She made me fall in love with my house all over again so much so that I took my house off the market! I LOVE my house to this day and I have kept my furniture arranged in her exact styling as well! I cannot say enough good things about Karen’s design style – she sees potential in “good bones” – she gives homes “life”. If I ever decide to move to a new home I will definitely hire her to not only stage my existing home, but also to style my new home as well! “

-Kathy Filo

OK, so much to my surprise……there would be no showings or further listing on this house.  But in the end, my friend was happier in her home…..and yes, we are still the best of friends!!

Out of respect for her privacy I have only put up one before and after picture…..just to show you what two minutes and borrowing from other rooms in the house can do for your presentation on MLS.

Master Bedroom before
Master Bedroom before
Master Bedroom After.....this was a two minute fix to Kathy's Master. All the items in this picture were taken from other rooms in her house to make it look more inviting and warm.
Master Bedroom After

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