Truly Irresistible

This isn’t necessarily the forum I would choose to speak of something personal, but when your personal experiences affect your business life then I’m all in with sharing.

I just came back from a trip to Haiti with my family and a group from my church. We had the pleasure of serving with an organization called Haiti Arise.  This organization is doing awesome work with the Haitian people rebuilding, equipping, and encouraging as they walk beside them to restore and give hope to their lives.

The trip changed me.  What I saw and experienced was staggering.  The way I now view what “irresistible” really is has shifted.  I was exposed to a people that had nothing.  Less than nothing if you can try to imagine.  I walked their streets, I went into their homes, I sat and talked with them, and I worked along side of them.  Having the knowledge that someone working beside you may not have even had a meal that day…… that’s hard to conceive. And through those 10 days, I could barely recognize the same spirit that I went with as what I came home with.

I have never met a people so joyful in spirit and content with life and yet they have nothing.  They have put their total reliance and daily trust in God in a deep and profound way.  It certainly left me many hours pondering what I do for a living back home in our rich land of Canada…..and how discontent people can be in the midst of plenty.  Even the poorest person in Canada has so much more than a Haitian. We live in a land of opportunity and for that I am thankful.  Imagine not having daily opportunity….lack of knowledgeable people to teach you good information to help further your life and on top of that,  a place that has little to no infrastructure……yet they are joyful.  It certainly gave me a deeper understanding of what creating an “Irresistible Home” is all about.  Thank you to the Haitians that truly touched and changed my life.

Its hard to get your head wrapped around all that, and know what to do with what you’ve been exposed to. Its certainly an adjustment coming home.

There’s lots I don’t know about life….but this much I do know……that when much is given, much is expected. I have a “doer” spirit in me and I like to inspire people to think outside of their box for something greater….to be something greater.  Really, that’s what I do when I come into your home.  I see your home for what it can be and not for what it is now.

So I have a challenge for you as well as myself personally today from Irresistible Homes…… to think outside of our comfortable box and reach out for greater.  For those of you that know me personally, you know I come from a farming background. Our team had the pleasure of working along side another team from Three Hills, Alberta while we were there.  There were also farmers on this team that I became friends with and together we are striving to work together between our two provinces to send some of our farming wealth south to Haiti.

One of Haiti Arises’ projects for the future is to have a goat farm.  They will milk the goats, make cheese as well as have them for meat ( Yes, I ate goat when I was there). Haiti Arise will walk along side of members in their community teaching them and encouraging them as they strive to create some structure and self sustaining means for them to support themselves. I saw this for myself and how they inspire and teach as I attended agricultural school for a morning to see for myself the hunger for knowledge that the Haitians had. I was in awe as they hung off of every word spoken about composting and fertilization(that would be a stretch for me)!! Something we take for granted here from generation to generation. Knowledge is a powerful tool as well as what is handed to you from your parents and generations before.  Something they are void of.

So join me if you like as together with Alberta, we are hoping to raise enough money to get them started.  The average price of a goat is $70 to $100 US.  A saying kept running through my mind while I was down there as we worked along side everyone …and that is…..many hands make light work, so if you would like to contribute to this cause please email me for details….perhaps buying a goat is in your future!! 😉

I have been honored to be part of such a great vision that has depth in the meaning of precious lives.

Thank you for allowing me to share what I now find to be Truly Irresistible.

Karen and Marc....irresistible homes

The founder of Haiti Arise with an Irresistible Homes t-shirt…. gave it new meaning!!

haitian children, blog

Karen with Haitian children who go to the Haiti Arise school.  To see them dressed so neatly was astounding seeing I knew what they were living in.  They are very proud to go to school and have the privilege to learn.

haitian home, blog

A Haitian home

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