Top Reasons to Stage


Top Reasons to Stage Your Home

Sell for the highest price

A well-staged home is soothing, airy, inviting.  All homes elicit an emotional response from a buyer, and you want people to feel relaxed and at home.

Sell more quickly

The Association of Property Scene Designers states that staged homes sell for 43% more quickly than unstaged homes.

Get a head start on packing

During the process of decluttering and depersonalizing, you are actually pre-packing for your move!  Get it done early and there’s less work when the time comes.

You might learn something

A stager might just show you a different way of laying out your furniture or give you good ideas you can take with you to your new home.

Dress your home for success

When you go to a job interview or to meet important people in your life for the first time, you are very careful about the way you present yourself. Same with your home, you want to put your best foot forward and capitalize on those first few seconds after a potential buyer walks through the door.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

It’s a favorite line with stagers and real estate agents.  If you don’t stage before you list, you’ve already lost time and potentially money.

You get a good feeling when you walk into a home that has been properly staged.  It’s not fake, it’s more than just placemats and wine glasses on the dining room table.  It just feels good.

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