The first time around…..

Staging is about appealing to the masses.  Although we have our own concept of what appeals to us, everyone is different.  When your house goes on the market, the style usually lends itself to a certain decor.  Although we need to keep that in mind, we need to stage it to appeal to as many different people as possible.

In this particular staging project, the house had been on the market for over a year and wasn’t selling.  The homeowner had chosen the paint colors according to his own taste when he lived there and felt that his colors were also satisfactory to the market to list as well.

A year later, and still on the market,  Irresistible Homes came in and staged.

Paint is very important…..its the backdrop of the picture you are presenting and it has to appeal to someone else’s taste.  In this case, it didn’t.  After the walls were neutralized and some furniture was added, it offered a broader scope for a whole new clientele to imagine themselves in this space.

Here’s what the client had to say about his experience:

“For about a year I was having difficulty selling my home in Kingston  The house was only two years old with tons of upgrades, but looked like the buyers were not able to visualize all the stuff that was put into it.  I hired Karen Donnan from Irresistible Homes, who guided me through a whole process of staging my house. She recommended a nice color and arranged staging the house.  After the staging, the interior of my house looked different and quite elegant.  The house was sold within the month. It was a very significant difference that she made.  Thank you so very much.”


Dr. M. El Saidi, M.D.

Belleville General Hospital

great room, 1 Great Room Beforegreat room, 2 Great Room AfterKitchen, 1 Kitchen BeforeKitchen, 2 Kitchen AfterKitchen, 3 Kitchen AfterKitchen, 4 Kitchen After

Basement, 1Recreation Room Before

Basement, 2 Recreation Room Aftermaster bath, 1 Master Bathroom Beforemaster bath, 2 Master Bathroom Aftermaster bedroom, 1 Master Bedroom Beforemaster bedroom, 2Master Bedroom After

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