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False Start

Listing your home without being ready is like that false start in a race that gets you disqualified.  The outcome in the world of real estate is either a lack of interest or a sale lower then you anticipated. Allow my clients testimonial and pictures to speak for itself: “During and prior to...

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Explosion of Green!

So now that I’ve given you a taste of staging….I’m going to switch gears a little into the world of design.  Many people equate design with the need for a lot of money to accomplish it.  I want  to challenge you on that and ask you to think beyond the box. One of my favorite areas...

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Getting started

After many people asking…..“so what house are you working on this week?” I decided to jump into the world of blogging……so keep up as “Irresistible Homes” takes you door to door, so to speak, into the world of staging and designing. What really prompted me...

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