Passing the test

A favourite staging experience for a lovely couple that I really enjoyed working for……let me explain.

When you are in someone’s personal space and moving all their ‘things’ around while they are watching you…. wondering….. what you are doing ….and while they are hoping….. that they didn’t make a wrong decision in hiring you…..well ….I just have to try to put them out of my mind and go about why I am there.

I see things differently then most…..that’s why I come into your homes and make ‘changes’! Really, the best satisfaction is seeing your reaction as a homeowner once I am done!

This couple was worthy of writing about.  They were extra easy to work for…..and I don’t even think they knew why….but oh, to have more couples like them!! 😉

Why were they easy to work for, and in particular him? Well it wasn’t all that complicated, but I think he just did what comes naturally to him and something we can all learn from.  He was a doctor and while I was there he was studying for an exam that would further his career.  But he also put me to the same test and he let me know it.  He let me know that he also studied me….. as well as my occupation and whether or not staging would be his best option. He kept his mind open to an expertise he didn’t have and he simply went about the process with an open mind.  In the end,  his conclusion was yes…..the process was worth the journey.

It just didn’t start with me though.  He found a trusted and reliable REALTOR® who suggested he try staging. It’s important to find a REALTOR® that you can trust in what they are recommending.  We do this for a living and don’t look to make it harder or more expensive for you, but on the contrary, a trusted REALTOR® will seek to sell it quickly for as much money as the current market will bear.

In what is a Buyers market, a Seller cannot chance not being able to beat out the competition.  Your REALTOR® can show you who your competition is and what you need to do to get ahead of the pack. In a Sellers market, when there is a lack of inventory, you need to defend in your staging and updates, the price you are asking.

This couple did just that and had a clear path to success.

Here’s what they had to say….


“Our real estate agent highly recommended Karen to us and promised that she would do wonders with the place.

I was confident that a home stager would make the rooms look great, but I underestimated how great. When Karen finished staging our house, I couldn’t believe how nice she made it look. Her staging allowed you to see the beauty and functionality of each room.

I was really impressed that she worked with many of the things we already had, and in doing so, gave me ideas of how I could decorate my next home.

We had many showings, and received an offer within the first 3 weeks.”



While this is a staging job I completed for another REALTOR®, it is a service I include with each of my own listings as a REALTOR® myself.  It is my commitment to prepare my own clients… the best of my ability and to the maximum that the market will bear for  their home.


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