Managing humidity in your home

If you’ve lived in Kingston for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed how actively we manage the humidity in our homes!  Buyers new to our area tend to see dehumidifiers as a sign of trouble, but we point out that almost every home has one.

Even brand new homes with hi-tech ventilation systems have a lot of moisture, because although lumber is kiln-dried, it still takes some time to dry out completely.  In an unfinished basement, it is not uncommon to see some moisture building up, especially when there is a temperature differential between inside and outside that causes condensation.

In Kingston’s older homes with stone foundations, water is a fact of life.  The important thing is to minimize it keep it moving OUT!

Terrace, B.C. home inspector Terry Fulljames discusses reducing humidity at the source, improving indoor ventilation, dehumidifying and improving window thermal efficiency to prevent condensation.

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