How to Work With a House Painter

Although painting is one of the most DIY-friendly jobs, there are times when you’ll want or need to hire a pro. Here’s how you can ensure a tip-top experience.

What a house painter does: In addition to painting surfaces of all kinds, painters prep those same surfaces (stripping wallpaper, sanding wood etc.), source and purchase materials, provide input about colors and finishes and, in many cases, supervise crews. Some handle specialty finishes such as a Venetian plaster or rag-rolled effect.

When to hire one: Hire a painter for interior and exterior painting jobs you don’t want to handle or that are too tricky for an amateur to tackle.

What it will cost: Rather than an hourly fee, most painters charge according to surface area and the level of skill and work involved. Prices vary widely, but in general, labor will cost between $2 and $4 per square foot for a basic paint job. Paint itself costs $15 and up per gallon, depending on the brand and finish, and other supplies such as tape and rollers add to the bottom line too.

Ready to start? Keep the following suggestions in mind.

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