Why Stage?

People are always commenting on how warm and inviting your home is, how much they love your decorating style. You’re always having friends over, hosting dinner parties, and you have a real flair for creative design.  So why on earth do you need someone else telling you how to arrange your furniture when you’ve been enjoying it this way for years?

When you list your home, you want to appeal to the broadest possible number of potential buyers.

Staging is about appealing to the masses; it’s not trying to sell one’s own personal taste.

There are three rather different ways of setting up your home.  There is the way you

  • live every day
  • stage for showings and open houses
  • stage for photos

These are three rather different things.  Living is cozy and personalized, maybe even a little “lived in”.  When it comes to selling your home, however, potential buyers need to be able to picture themselves living there.

Buyers need to know there is enough room for their big sectional couch, but if your plants and magazine stands take up too much space, they’ll find it cozy but also think it’s too small.


Staging - Kingston Real Estate


Staging - Kingston Real Estate

It’s unconscious

If a bed is pushed right up against the wall in photos, a buyer might get the impression that the bedroom will be too small for their teenager.  It’s best to be able to see some bare floor on the far side of the bed in the picture.

If shelves contain items smaller than a football or a roasted chicken, buyers’ minds will be trying to process all those little things and their brains will feel so cluttered and stressed that they’ll subconsciously be feeling stressed.

When items are out on your counter top, buyers are unconsciously receiving the message that there is not enough room in the cupboards.

Pushing the couches into the centre of your living room says, “we have more space that we need”.